Saturday, 13 November 2010

This Week on 'The Lines Blur'

African Writing at its Best!

The Postings on the 'The Lines Blur' will not be archived therefore all work will be removed on a weekly basis. The very first post in the Page is called 'Nairobi: The Second Greatest City After Paris' by up and coming writer M.Shabaya.

Read, Comment here on the main page, and just enjoy it!


  1. Hi...

    This is Olivia... I follow you as Tosie but that's not the point. I'm just wondering about the blog posts and the blog itself... is this meant to be a Kenya-specific blog? Because I think that if it is, you might turn off readers who expect more than stories about Kenya when they see 'Africa' in the blog title. I'm African so I understand how Kenya is a significant African nation ... guess I just need you to specify whether this blog is meant to celebrate Kenya specifically or Africa as a whole or, celebrate Africa with Kenya as a focal point. We can't be blind to the existence of national biases and I think this excellent blog should celebrate more of Africa in order to bypass the bias and have people focus on the goodness of its contents.

    I love the article about Kenya by Marie... good job girl, I most definitely appreciate the very realistic yet beautiful perspective from which the piece is written.

  2. Hey Tosie!

    Nope, it is not a Kenya-specific blog. I think initially with the single article on it seemed that way. As things progress, you will see it is more multi-faceted!



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