Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Very First Post!

Welcome to I (WRITE) Africa. The latest in African political comment.

However, we offer more than just politicized screed; it is a movement. The content on this blog is more than politics it is a relevant mix of activism, art, and literature.  Through our upcoming posts you will come to understand the complexities of the African politic whilst celebrating unsung heroes, she-roes and the continent’s often muted progress.

We have conveniently divided topical issues by page:

The Beginning: This is our homepage and where all  blog announcements and highlights will be posted.

The New Republic:  This is our unique campaign named rightly so as it is a page that will examine the possible implications of Kenya’s recently promulgated constitution on the nation‘s democracy. More so, the implications the constitution amendments will have on the upcoming 2012 elections. Following the tradition of the Federalist Papers, we will question, analyse and debate, through an essay series, the nooks and crannies of the document following through until the 2012 elections.

AfroPolitik:  This section is designed for rigorous discourse on alternative and transformative political action in Africa it is also a comment page on all issues pertaining to African politics, economics, society and occasionally international developments.

The Lines Blur: This is our literature wing that seeks to enlighten readers on the ‘African’, or rather the human, condition.  In this section, we will publish poetry, prose and novel excerpts that would tell the African story in several ‘human’ perspectives.

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